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Estimated new money you could unlock with better use of internet and mobile technology (PwC)

Bendigo’s small businesses can unlock an additional $286 million of private sector output over the next ten years from better use of internet and mobile technology; approximately $62,900 per small business.
PwC Australia

2016 Silver and Mid-market Cloud Solutions Microsoft Partner

Who Are We?


Uptake Digital is one of the fastest growing Cloud Solutions Providers in Victoria. We provide our customers with business solutions that leverage new technologies like the cloud that provide our customers with real value.

Our business is simple, we have business conversations around the strengths and opportunities of your business and then provide you with a means to make it happen.

This is why we are the first stop for digital for all of our clients. No more silly excuses, no more unnecessary tech, just smart solutions that lead to great outcomes.

What do you want to achieve in your business?


"There are no technology problems, there are only business problems with technology solutions."